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Glow in the Dark Dice

Turn up the night with our Glow in the Dark Dice!

- Play All Day, All Night
- Only 30 Second To Charge
- 5 Dice Per Pack


Your Nights Won't Be The Same

What our customers say

Just received the dice and got all 5 of them glowing within minutes! So pumped on this purchase, can’t wait to start throwing some night dice.

Dereck S

I love these dice. I’ve purchased a lot and use them for all different games, not just beer die. Stoked someone finally made these, 100% worth the buy.

Jack F

I am a big fan of these for all games after dark! They're really well made and the weight is solid. I highly recommend giving these glow dice a toss!

Andrew P

Our Innovation

True tossers need the ability to toss day and night, no matter the circumstances.

Tested by thousands of tosses and prototypes, we have created the greatest night time dye you could ever imagine.

Late night dye sesh’s are unmatched. Give it a shot with our brand new glow in the dark dice which comes in packs of 5.

Glow Bright Like A Diamond

What our customers say

These dice are exactly as described. Worth the price. Great way to keep the games going into the night. 10/10.

Collins M

You can definitely see the glow in the nights sky! We still use a light to see the table but it’s so fun finally being able to see the dice at night.

Harris K

I was worried that the quality wouldn’t be great because they glow in the dark but boy was I wrong!! Great dice to use during the day too.

Richard Q