CEO / Founder
Gentlemen. My name is Tanner Guisness and I'm the man behind the gram. I started Dyeislife as a Junior at CU-Boulder back in 2015 (yeah, I'm old now) as a way to keep a record of me and my friends experiences playing beer die and snappa. Over time, I received submissions from guys at schools across the country, and the page eventually grew to where it is now. My mission with Dyeislife is to spread the game from coast to coast, bring the best unfiltered/non-PC content to you for your viewing pleasure, and to keep Dyeislife in the hands of the people who made it great to begin with, all of you! I promise I will never bombard the beer die community with advertisements or crap from other pages. It'll be all beer die, all snappa, all the time!




Director of Sales / Dye Tournament Operations
I’m Shaq to Tanner's Kobe, Wade to LeBron, Pippen to Jordan. I joined Tanner a few years back because I believed in the game we all know and love today, beer die. My name is Jack Hagerty and I reside in beautiful San Diego, CA. I run the Dyeislife tournaments nationwide and if on the off chance we have tournament and you don’t see me, I’ll be at Coachella (send me new music for Banger of the week). If you think your school has elite dye players contact me and we’ll set something up! Can’t wait to come to your college and see the talent, cheers boys!





I’m Julia Lafferty, a hard worker all around. I’m a nursing student at the University of Arizona, work as a nanny, and spend late nights designing some sweet merch for Dyeislife. During the summers, I practically live on the beach tossing with my friends. I’m stoked to be part of the team and help bring our ideas to life!