In The Early 2000's Sippin' Syrup was a Thing... Now It's Back

There's a slew of videos online right now that are popping up all over TikTok with people opening up Coors Light and Keystone Light cans only to find out that they're basically just filled with syrup. There's a huge recall going on for these products and although Molson Coors has stated their products would have no adverse health effects if consumed, it's still nasty as hell.

 Via TikTok @carabyler_ 

Not sure if you remember the old Bud Light commercials but they roasted the shit out of Coors and Miller Lite stating they were made with corn syrup. MillerCoors fired back and sued Anheuser-Busch (owner of Bud Light) for deceiving their consumers. The statement at the time from MillerCoors was, "While Miller Lite and Coors Light use corn syrup as a fermentation aid, the corn syrup is not present in the beer once brewing is finished." Maybe something along in that process got messed up? You can read more about the lawsuit here.

Anyway, regardless of what's going on this story hits home. We DELETED Keystone Lights and Coors like it was our job back in the day. Great beers for playing dye. Sad to see that basically we were just drinking a more liquid form of Aunt Jemima's (before they got cancelled).

If you all want to read more about it there's not a ton of info out there other than this article.

Cheers boys and stay off the syrup.